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After a succession of trials and tribulations with various combinations, Australian cricket, which had taken a number of blows at the hands of opposition teams in the early to mid-eighties, desperately needed a solid opening foundation. Enter 'Swampie' and 'Boonie'.

The more outgoing Marsh seemed to be the perfect foil for the redoubtable Boon, a man of few public words. These complementary qualities extended to their opening combination also, where the strokeplay of Marsh worked hand-in-glove with the pugnacious style of Boon.

The pair became firm friends as well and formed a nucleus of friendship on and off the pitch, along with captain Allan Border, that continues to this day. But as a pair it will be their opening stands that remain enduring. Although David Boon was to drop to number 3, and Geoff Marsh was to continue opening with Mark Taylor, their greatest contribution was to 'stop the rot' at the top of the batting card, and lay a base for new captain Border to dramatically turn around the fortunes of the ailing team.

The central photograph shows David Boon and Geoff Marsh leaving the field after an Australian victory against England in the 2nd Test, 30/12/1990, at the M.C.G. Marsh made 79n.o., and Boon 94n.o.  This is the photograph that has been individually hand-signed by Geoff Marsh and David Boon.

Each David Boon and Geoff Marsh 'The Openers' is; 

  • Hand-signed by David Boon and Geoff Marsh    
  • Strictly limited to 350 units worldwide                                                                
  • Independently authenticated by PricewaterhouseCoopers 
  • Accompained by a Certificate of Authenticity and Limitation which certifies the veracity of both the original signatures and the limited edition nature of the release 
  • Includes important biographical information, full career statistics and photographic information
  • Selected highlights have been beautifully embossed, including the seal of limitation and the player's na